DATING SKILLS: The Tao System of Badass Ebook - Joshua Pellicer

The Tao System of Badass ebook (get it at huge discount) is one of the best "dating skills" type of products I've come across (granted, I haven't tried hundreds of dating guides for men, but still, I've tried enough).

I am a huge fan (no pun intended) of the way Joshua Pellicer teaches this stuff. In The Badass Tao System, Joshua Pellicer, basically breaks it all down to psychology and body language. Not the odd opinion openers and "routines" that other PUA's teach.

Joshua gives you a great overview of the proper stages of interacting with women from the Introduction, to Attraction, Rapport, Seduction and ultimately to Relationship Balance. I really like Joshua's down to earth approach on this subject. It's quite easy to understand, even though you might need to go through The Tao System of Badass ebook a few times to fully understand it if you're new to this stuff.

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