Relationship Advice For Men (SIMP) - 5 Reasons Women Don't Respect Your Manhood

Men, I’m about to REVEAL the 5 things that makes you look weak to women. You’ll be glad to find out that it has nothing to do with your height and size. It’s more about how you interact with women.

EVEN strong, bodybuilding muscle men can appear weak - which is a big turnoff to women.

Relationship advice for men: No. 1 - Acting OVERLY concerned about women.

Disinterested man listening to woman, trying to win her over
When you first meet a woman, and you’re still getting to know her, you should never come across as though you care too much. Don’t check up on her, asking, “Hey, how you doing” Are you fine? Are you okay?” Especially don’t do call her, saying anything to the sorts of, “Hey, I’m just calling to see if you want something to eat. I’m going to the store, did you want something?”

Never try to rectify her problems when first meeting, it makes you look like a Captain Save A Hoe. Be somewhat sensitive, but also a bit standoffish. You have to have a “I don’t give a fuck” kind of vibe. Don’t be too accommodating; be more of a challenge for her.

Relationship advice for men No. 2 - Don’t engage in petty arguments with women.
Petty argument between emotional man and woman.
When you argue with a woman, she will view you as a sensitive, emotionally weak man. She will wonder why you’re such an emo wimp, arguing back and forth with her. A woman will argue until she gets tired or YOU tell her enough is enough, putting a stop to the argument. A lady cannot respect an emasculated man that engages her in this nonsense. A real man has control over his actions.

There needs to be good communication; however, arguing over petty things is an entirely different story.

Dating advice for men No. 3 - Not checking women that comes at you sideways with bullshit.

Man about to put her blabbermouth ass in check!
A woman will do little bullshit just to test you. You must immediately put an end to her bullshit. Let her know that you are not to be tested or else she will not respect you. Remember: ZERO tolerance!

Relationship advice for men No. 4 - Don’t be too available.
Desperate man, laying down, grabbing woman leg, begging for her love.

If a woman calls you up, wanting to go do something, and you’re always available, that’s a sign up weakness, it makes you seem like you don’t have anything to do. Even if you’re not busy, appear busy.

Simp with roses for a woman he just met.
 When you’re always available for her, down to hook up, that’s not a challenge, it lets her know she has you wrapped around her finger. She’ll see you as a time filler; you’re just someone to be with when the other guy isn’t available. You’ll be her “just in case man.” She call you “just in case” all the men that flake out on her; you will be her back up plan.

Tell her you have plans already. Even better, tell her you have made plans with you’re female friend, “I’m about to go out with a lady friend of mines.” Let her know you have other females on the team.

Never play the super single role. Many men make the mistake of putting her on a pedestal, telling her things like, “Oh no, I don’t have anything to do. I’m ultra single, just sitting at home waiting on you.”

                                                  THAT IS A TURNOFF!

Two women competing for a man attention (go 'head pimpin')
Women like competition. They might not admit it; they’d never admit it, but they like that you are in demand and have other women after you. This doesn’t mean you’re bangin’ them, but you are not alone, either. Let her know you have other options.

It’s nice to keep some sexy, platonic female friends. When you have other beautiful women in your life, it brings your stock value up.

Picture of Beyonce and Jay Z (the reason he's a sex symbol)
Think about the rapper, Jay Z. When he got Beyonce on his team, he became a sexy symbol to women. The same thing happened for that Jamaican cockroach looking, Lil Wayne. It wasn’t their money; it’s that when they got pretty women surrounding them, it gave them a boost of confidence which made them more attractive to the ladies.

Relationship advice for men No. 5 - Don’t do too much too soon.

Man giving a woman  a HUGE gift. (simpin')
When dealing with a woman, don’t roll out the red carpet too soon. On the first date, don’t show up with chocolate candy, roses and other romantic “back n the day” stuff, campaigning.

When you first meet a woman, and come with gifts, presents, and other materialistic items, it makes you look desperate. Women say it’s romantic, but no, you only do fly shit for women you are already down with.

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  1. Catertowomen2:49 AM

    Yeah, I've always been a sucka for telling women I am open to hook up whenever they are ready. Now that I think about it, it does sound a bit desperate.

  2. Screw Up1:57 PM

    I didn't realize how much I screw up with women until buying the tao of badass. It's gonna take a while for me to build up the strength to put this info into action. I grew up a mommas boy...


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