Bad Boy VS Nice Guy - Joshua Pellicer Download For The Tao of Badass Ebook

Until being introduced to, Joshua Pellicer's download, The Tao of Badass ebook, I thought the same as you: Women do not like men without money nor the nice guy, but women love the bad boy who mistreats them.

Now you're probably confused, because it's always either the guy with a lot of money or the bad boy who you see getting the hottest girls. Like myself and other nice guys without much money, you've probably even had thoughts of trying to turn into this monster of a guy, just to attract women.

Good news: You do not have to be an asshole to attract women. 

In The Tao of Badass ebook Joshua Pellicer teaches you, the nice guy, nerd, dork how to attract women without changing who you are and without paying for her attention, time and sex.

Watch The Tao of Badass Youtube video of Joshua Pellicer on The Today Show, helping the average Joe build up the confidence to not only speak to a beautiful woman, but spark up a conversation to keep her interest and make her smile, naturally, while still being himself.

I'm far from being a nice looking guy. I am extremely overweight, damn near broke and not a bad boy. I thank my buddy every time I see him for hooking me up with The Tao of Badass ebook... it's really improved my self-esteem and helped me attract the girl of my dreams.

You CAN get the girl of your dreams with the help of Joshua's Tao System of Badass!!
Get The Tao of Badass right now at the best discount of only $67 (usually priced in the high hundreds). It comes with FOUR FREE BONUS books. My fav bonus book is How To Escape The Friend Zone.

After helping over 100,000 men become a woman magnet, Joshua is so confident that he offers a 60-day money back guarantee. Trust me, like myself and the other thousands of men... you won't return this winner!

Good Luck, man!


  1. Imjust bought The Tao of Badass yesterday. This shit is a beast when it comes to getting women. I tried some of Joshua's techniques last night at a Halloween party... came home with 4 hot girls numbers. Very much worth it!!!

  2. FatDaddy2131:12 AM

    This is hands down the best dating guide for men I have ever bought... and I've bought PLENTY of them. The Tao System of Badass has helped me to see past what I thought women wanted to what women really want.

    Like yourself, I'm a big dude... really big (5'8 over 350). I always felt women wanted the taller slimmer men. I would be afraid to approach even the women who were no more than a 2... I'd still get rejected until I lost hope and gave up of ever getting a woman to like me for me.

    Joshua really helped me improve my confidence. After reading The Tao system of badass a few times, the body language course and ordering the extras with the ebook, I now have no problem attracting women. The tao system is the real deal. Tnx dude for putting me on, such a blessing.

  3. Abdul9:37 AM

    it's a keeper me love this book!!!

  4. Batman2:07 AM

    Damn why hadnt i heard of this. The best dating guide i have ever got my hands on. The bonus books are even great too... usually bonuses suck. I also got the monthly membership and havent regretted it not one bit. im 22 and never been laid before or even ever had any sort of chance with women because im pretty short (embarassing to admit my actual height). I never thought id find a female that likes me because short men are considered less manly, but i finally got my first phone number so thats a great start for me. Im over excited!!!

  5. Smitty12:13 PM

    I came across your site yesterday. After watching the video, seeing Joshua Pellicer, help the other men out, I figured why not give it a shot. I was blown away by his relationship advice! There's so much valuable information in it that I didn't know. I didn't regret the purchase at all. I just wanna say thanks for sharing this video.

  6. Captain Save her12:13 PM

    I like The Tao system, it gives a good explanation on how to set everything right and approach to women. You can’t go wrong with the ladies after reading this book.

  7. Alex Crumbie12:14 PM

    It helped me improve my confidence. I no longer fear rejection as much.

  8. Nawlins504Boi12:14 PM

    Man when I first seen this shit I thought it was a joke. What a white boy know bout pullin hoes? I bought this shit for my lil cuz cause dat boy weak ass hell when it comes to pulling hoes but now dat nigga getting more girls than me.

  9. Spicy Remirez12:15 PM

    I had used this program when it was not launched yet, but got from another pick up site earlier this year. Big improvements on my part with attracting women. I get laid more these days… without paying for it. lol

    short dude WINNING

  10. Mister Sophisticated12:16 PM

    The Tao Of badass did help and I managed to hook up with this cute girl in my electronics class, im not with her anymore, but my confidence has increased many folds due to this course. you have to work the charm guys, you aint gonna ‘get it’ just like that and the Tao is a real badass for that!

  11. 401k Planner12:17 PM

    This was insanely helpful and a great investment of my money and time, I’ve bought courses from PUA and this is by far better. (well depending what your looking for) DO NOT pick this for one night stands, whilst it might help you get them, this course is more for friends with benefits, making girls fall in love with you, which he REALLY DOES show you how to do in this book. Getting the girl of your dreams is not as hard as you think, but I truly recommend this.

  12. Donald Craig Jr.12:18 PM

    Doesn’t work if you’re disfigured. Joshua Pellicer teaches that all men can find a woman to love them, unconditionally, even men that aren’t handsome. I was born with a rare medical disorder that got worse over time. I am married, still married, but my wife married me before my tumors took over my face. She’s still with me, but no longer shows me affection. I think she’s only here because we have two kids together. I thought this book would have helped me find a new woman, but it failed me.

    1. Alex C12:23 PM

      You said it yourself, Joshua says you don’t have to be handsome but he didn’t say anything about helping women overlook your disability/disfigurement. Be happy you have one woman standing by your side. Geez!

    2. Donald Craig Jr.12:28 PM

      yeah man...

  13. LeonTheGreat12:23 PM

    So I recently bought the book, and I have to's the best decision I've ever made. This book helped me get the girl that everyone I work with is too intimidated to talk to. I give it a 9 out of 10. The only reason I don’t give it a 10 is because it requires you to actually try and to work on the techniques he teaches...which is hard if you have approach anxiety (its at 9 because he teaches you how to get over it).

    1. LeonTheGreat12:24 PM

      pt 2 I've already recommended this to my friend and now he and I are a force to be reckoned with. Never been happier, but like it teaches, I'll do better tomorrow than I did today.

  14. can i buy china??? me wanna get woman no woman

  15. John the wise spender12:27 PM

    I am very tight with my money. But the Tao of Badass system was well worth it. One the best systems I have seen in almost 6 years.
    Lots of good quality specific advice in free videos and audio.
    IMPORTANT: Very annoying initial web process for the purchase. When you first click the link to order, you’ll hear a video of Joshua Pellicer telling his story. It’s an interesting story, but the purchase button doesn’t show up immediately.

    You’ll have to hit the refresh button or visit the website a second time in order for the pay button to show up. It will be a yellow button, located right under the video, it says, “CLICK TO ORDER NOW!”. It also asks for your email address on this page, right above the pay button (you don’t have to enter it). On the next page, it says pay now and explains the 60 day money back guarantee, the price, what will show on the bill, etc.

    By the way I don't agree with the other commenter that this content is not good for one night stands. Yes, the whole package is not designed around one night stands because of the authors personal philosophy (something I agree with), however if you already have a system for one night stands and you apply the body language info you can generate amazing levels of attraction.

    So in conclusion I am very happy with the product. It is some of the best I have seen in years.
    In fact so far I only have one complaint about the site. That’s the initial process of having to hit refresh for the pay button to show up. Other than that, I am very happy with my purchase!

  16. Jimmyboy Swagger12:29 PM

    "Knowledge isn't power, applying knowledge is power" This book helps you become the best version of 'you'. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  17. Aquarius KING12:31 PM

    I have only had the system a very short time, but I am already having much needed success. Joshua is an excellent communicator and charismatic instructor. The tools and information I am learning have given me confidence and that alone is well worth the promotional price.
    There is a lot of BONUS content, and I have really enjoyed the interviews that Joshua has in the member's area.
    There is also a Body Language course too which I am looking forward to.

    There are other products that Joshua sells on his site:
    - Advanced Coaches Prep Course
    - How to date multiple women
    - Accelerated Seduction Program
    - Hacking Attraction
    When I bought TTOB I also bought Hacking Attraction course of which I have completed Module 1 of 5. HA just in Module 1 has given me incredible insights into myself.



  19. Mr. Michigan2:22 AM

    I'm a big man myself. Just reading and looking at your accomplishments after getting The Tao of Badass has helped me out.


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